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Billing for SIP telephony

Billing for SIP telephony

IRBiS-F OSS billing system developed by Tenet for SIP-telephony systems maintenance is fairly simple for the billing system implementation and efficient operation (Automated billing system). IRBiS-F OSS billing system is available both for use in provider network of small operators and operators with up to 5 000 000 users. Thereupon delivery is possible for any number of lines beginning with one. In the system service there are the following solutions:

The billing system allows engineering SIP-telephone provider networks of various scale and configuration with the varied communication equipments connection. There are several interaction patterns: purchase of licenses, software renting in a private cloud and SaaS.

We have the ability to spread out infrastructure quickly with several sales models, payments acceptance, tariffication prepaid/postpaid as well as we own the integration ability of various services.

The assignment is led in accordance with the SLA approved and strict observance of obligations assumed. In the event of the equipment layout at our places there are provided certified Data centers. 

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