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Internet of things

Internet of things

The Internet of things is one of the innovative areas of development. “LoRaLei House” system is designed for automated remote data collection from special metering devices.

The data of the metering devices are transferred to the processing center by wireless link in the unlicensed band of 868 Mhz using LoRa technology that allows to transmit the information over long distances. Low power consumption provides the metering devices noninteraction on one battery up to 5 years.

“LoRaLei House” system provides a convenient graphical interface for metered values observing and analysis, user and system notifications adjustments, data uploading into other information system. The mobile applications forming an integral part of the system allows access to information from mobile devices. Except for the transmitting metering values LoRa technology allows you to control the actuators and on the basis housing and public utilities billing system data limit consumption of certain services (water, electricity, heat) to debtors.   

LoRa technology application field is not limited to the housing and public utilities branch. Long distance data transfer with low power consumption may be used in various fields:

Developments on these directions are being actively led and the dummy applications for oil and gas and forestry industries have already been created.

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