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PCRF platform

PCRF platform

The system is represented as a functional element in 3GPP communication networks that implements the subscriber services policy solution, for instance: service allowance/ disallowing or QoS (Quality of Service) parameters identification.

The system also fixes the tariff planning rules depending on different conditions such as subscriber profile parameters, the time of day, customer location, scope of the traffic consumed and etc. The system provides centralized storage of information about the users and services characteristics performed by different platforms as well as interaction with these platforms.

The components as a part of the System operate information exchange through the use of TCP/IP protocols stack.

Oracle DBMS is used in the function of data storage system. System fault tolerance is provided by duplicating system arbitrary components and their configuration by organizational maintenance. 

All system modules interact by default protocols that allow connecting new components as needed.

Software module structure

Interaction with the platforms of services provision and delivery modules (PCEF) that execute the logical circuitry of information furnish to the certain platforms:

Integration module with IT infrastructure required for system integration into information infrastructure of service provider. 

Subscriber Provisioning module is designed for creating subscribers and change them. The module can be integrated via SOAP protocol with various systems of operator such as billing, SDP< CRM, pre-paid, Portal and etc.

Administration module serves to customize and monitor PCRF server. The module opens an opportunity for new services formation on the server, maintain information about module installed instance, PCC rules, monitoring and managing installed modules.

For the purpose of performance monitoring the platform supports the ability of integration with the external monitoring systems.

Web server of the active pages is intended for provision GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE interfaces to the subscribers to recharge an account, purchase traffic packets or turbo pushbutton. Web server contains welcome page for the new subscribers which is demonstrated for the first time subscriber connectivity.

Web server stores the page of subscriber debt informing on which the subscriber occurs when the funds are exhausted. It may be possible to introduce changes in web server pages design remaining the main functionality. 

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