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Intelligent Policy Server storage system

Intelligent Policy Server storage system

The Intelligent Policy Server is designed for centralized storage of information about the users and service characteristics provided by various platforms including the integration with them. The product has modular structure that allows you to expand the service using generalized documented interfaces. The system architecture is targeted on maximum fault tolerance maintenance achieved by duplicating functions of each of the modules.

Intelligent Policy Server comprises of three module types:

Interaction with the platform of the services provision and services delivery modules provide the integration with the back-end network devices on which the service is directly provided to the subscriber. These modules furnish the devices with the party information needed for rendering service.

The interaction is carried out using the protocol that is comprehensible for the end device.

Users and their services database is implemented on one of the most proven update DBMS: Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL. The database stores information on interaction modules and the modules settings, users and their services information.

Integration module with IT infrastructure serves as inbound interfaces for the policy server. For the present the following modules can be assigned: Subscriber Provisioning is applicable for subscriber’s setup and demounting. Besides, the module allows you to replenish and modify a set of services rendered to the subscriber. 

If necessary Subscriber Provisioning performs an immediate command sending to the certain interaction module to flexible change of service rendered quality to the subscriber. The module is carried out as a consequence of a web service. Administration is used for service creation and their transformation customization into technologic attributes. The module also allows the status monitoring of the complex components.

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