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IRBiS-F OSS automated billing and service accounting system

IRBiS-F OSS automated billing and service accounting system

IRBiS-F OSS is a multipurpose billing system of new generation meant to be used by both small and large communication providers. Modular architecture, object-oriented kernel and convergent approach give a possibility for receiving flexible and scalable solution for any telecommunication company activities in complex automation application.

IRBiS-F OSS solves all industrial business process automation task related to telecommunications service provision and service accounting, management of switchgear, maintenance of technical records as well as the structured and complete report generation on all vectors of Operator’s activities. 

Oracle DBMS is used in the function of well-accepted database. IRBiS-F OSS makes full use of innovation performed by latest versions of Oracle including the clustering possibility (Real Application Clusters), data partitioning and handling advanced capabilities. The majority of the business logics system operates inside the DBMS allowing you to achieve high performance both in response time for the end-users and in the speed of estimating furnish charging info and the billing information and closing it.

The system uses the modules interaction ladder network scheme. This scheme allows you to reach great controllability, fault tolerance and ensure the highest level safety and security of access to the system data.

System architecture offers the expanding of services rendered by operator without the generating major changes in the system’s main components. Nowadays apart from accounting for services the system allows to manage platforms that provide the following services:

The advantages of our system are application of modern software platforms and technologies, innovative ideas in the design and development. The system is expected to use all the latest methodologies concerning customer service, modern technologies in the terms of  VAS services provision as well as the possibility of integrating with any external high-tech platforms which are increasing among communication providers.

The system implementation allows the operator to reduce the costs of production, enlarge service quantity and quality as well as gain the instrument for in-process monitoring over all areas of activity that will allow taking accurate and timely decisions in the sphere of business administration.  

Among the billing system’s key alternatives there are can be distinguished the following:

There is a type-approved Communication system certificate for the network usage with a maximum capacity up to 5 million subscribers. 

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